Orcus and the Heart of the Abyss

Orcus stood on the bow of the Black Skull watching the infinite layers of the Abyss roar past him. Behind him he felt the engines of the chaos ship, engines fueled with the rending of a thousand souls an hour, roaring beyond their capacity. The ship would not survive the trip but Orcus cared not. It was a one-way trip anyway.

They soared through the blood rift, a wound created in every layer of the Abyss by the piercing throw of the Chained God as he threw down the crystal shard of ultimate chaos into the very bottom of the Abyss. There it pierced through very existence itself, creating a breech between the multiverse and the Far Realm.

For millions of years it sat there, its pulsing creating all of the twisted evil the Abyss had to offer. It became the Heart of the Abyss. Even Orcus owed his existence to the Heart.

Though surged with the greatest strengths of chaos, no creature dared touch it for no creature could survive contact with such a power. Only one substance was ever created that might touch it, a substance built by the primordials five hundred thousand years ago in the peak of the Dawn War, the final war between primordials and the gods.

The primordials built a weapon, Timesus the Black Star, the only creature capable of destroying the Heart of the Abyss. With such a weapon in their control, the gods would dare not to continue their war. Who would risk the destruction of everything?

But even the primordials feared it. They buried it and ended their war in defeat rather than risk the destruction of all. It laid buried in Death’s Reach until Orcus’s agents recovered it and fueled it with the perfect soul capable of fulfilling the Black Star’s destiny – the infinitely wounded soul of Orcus’s high priest, Arantham.

Now, in the back of the Chaos Ship roaring to its final destination, Arantham’s soul encased in Timesus the Black Star, prepared to enact its destiny.