Trollhaunt Conclusion

*h2. Trollhaunt Conclusion

After saving Moonstair’s mayor and slaying the Oni mage, the party travels back to the Trollhaunt where they face and defeat Skalmad only to discover he stands resurrected in the Feywild.

During this time, a bounty hunter convinces Wes to join him and face his old crime boss in the city of Fallcrest.

The party travels to the Feywild battling all manner of strange Feywildian beasts to face the resurrected ancient troll king, Vard. They face him and defeat him at a powerful soul well. During the battle, their companion, the warlock X, was sucked into the well disappearing from this world forever. The party discovers notes on dark elves that their master, in partnership with Kalarel, has already sacrificed a captured Ninebreaker, once friend and party member of the Shieldbashers, and plans to sacrifice Wes.

Returning back to Moonstair, the party faces firey demonic minions of a seemingly resurrected Kalarel. The priest of Orcus himself leaves a calling card in the sewers below the city.

The Bloody Battle of the Black Leaf Brothel

The party travels back to a much-changed Fallcrest. There they face Barstonum and his large gang in the Black Leaf Brothel. In a bloody battle that takes the lives of over forty of Barstonum’s crew, they learn that Kalarel killed Wes, beheaded him, and threw him in the river. The crime boss then blew his own head off with an explosive-tipped crossbow bolt of dark-elven design.

The Demon Queen’s Enclave


After briefly returning to the Seven Pillared Hall to find an improved business and rumors of a shadowy darkness twisting the souls of the dead, the party begins to travel to the dark elven city of Pharvorul where they expect to hunt down Kalarel. They learn of an undead invasion of the city led by the dark elf vampire lord, Zirithian.

After cutting down the ghoulish undead within the dark elven city, the party meets Matron Urlvrain and her remaining loyal soldiers. Urlvrain hires the party to kill two of Zirithian’s lieutenants. The party kills both of them, realizing that one of them was unlikely to be an ally of Zirithian and more likely just an enemy of Urlvrain.

Using the magic of Urlvrain’s companion, the elusive and beautiful Chi, the party travels to a segment micro-world of the Shadowfell known as Deadhold. There they faced all manner of horror including a moat filled with terrifying ghouls and an undead lich that turned out to be Sygmund, the previous warlock of the party lost in the depths of the Feywild.


In the inner sanctum of Deadhold, the party faced the vampire lord Zirithian, the priest Kalarel, and a twisted ghoulish version of the rogue Wes. After a bloody battle, the party was victorious.

Nightwyrm Fortress

Returning once again to the Seven Pillared Hall, the party meets the wife of Ninebreaker, a shadar-kai, who has come to the mortal world from the Shadowfell to ask the party to rescue the soul of her mate now twisted in the broken Soul Stream from where Orcus diverts the souls of the dead. She explains that the main conduit for the soulstream resides in a fortress known as Nightwyrm, deep within the Shadowfell.

The party travels deep into the underdark to the ancient tomb of the Shadar-kai warlock, Sartine. There they face all manner of traps and undead beasts to confront the twisted demi-lich of Sartine himself. In this terrible battle, the diva invoker, Daveed, is killed and his soul twisted and permanently lost due to the corruption of the soul stream.

Traveling through a gateway within the tomb, the party finds itself at a small Shadar-kai outpost three days from Nightwyrm Fortress. There they learn that a powerful failed lich, Magrathar, rules the fortress along with a powerful beast known as Urishtar. Three of Magrathar’s lieutenants possess rings that enable them to enter the central tower of Nightwyrm surrounded by the fortress known as Magrathar’s Teeth.

The party travels across the Shadowfell facing all manner of terrors before entering Magrathar’s Teeth. Within the fortress wall they battle terrible undead including a powerful dracolich, beings of ice, and beings of fire. In an epic battle, the party faced a firemage and his summoned Glabrezou.

After these battles were complete, the party had only two rings remaining – one held by the high priest of the Temple of the Emerald Skull and one by Magrathar himself.



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