The Dustmen

“If you wish to travel safely across Thanatos, you’ll need to resemble the natives. Unfortunately there are only two ways to do it. One, you can die here and return as one of the shambling dead. Two, you can twist the emanations of your souls. There is a pool here, the first of the soul wells used by Orcus’s Skull Lords to capture and twist souls. Bathing in this pool may cause you great harm but it won’t kill you. For the remainder of your journey in Thanatos, it will cloak your life force from the undead all around you.”

“This pool isn’t easy to reach, however. In the center of Lash Embarer is a sacrificial altar over a great pit. Within the pit lurks the Soulgrinder who survives off of the twisted souls emanating from the the original Soul Well. I hear the most recent Elder of Orcus, Elder Etharix – the successor to Elder Arantham, is holding a sacrifice this very night.”

“Destroy the Soulgrinder and submerse yourself in his Soul Well. When you return, you will be given passage to along the River Styx to the city of Lachrymosa. There you may journey around the city and through the Vally of the Crypt Things or battle your way through Lachrymosa itself to find the portal to Everlost in Oblivion’s End.”

“It is within Everlost that you will find the Prince of Undeath.”

“That will be one Toothlust mace, please.”



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