The Awakening of Timesus

Arantham screamed. He knew pain his whole life but nothing like the pain he had felt since falling into Doresain’s black orb. Within the black sphere he had been ripped apart and rebuilt a thousand times. He had watched his children starve to death again and again. He had watched his wife raped and murdered over and over while he cowered in fear. Every moment of agony he had known, every moment that defined his turn to darkness, relived itself fresh every moment.

Then his eyes opened. The pain was still there but the environment had changed. He felt heavy. His vision had changed, tinted red and with colors he had never seen before. Torchlight radiated a purple hew all around the room. He raised his hand in front of his eyes and saw a black stone fist laced with red.

The Prince of Undeath knelt over him.

“Welcome back, old friend,” said Orcus. All around him, black flames seemed to roll off of his body. He was not nearly as large as Arantham had remembered. He also seemed to remember much more than he had before. He remembered being built, constructed by a dozen of the most powerful primordials. He remembered the hundreds of thousands sacrificed over him, drenching him in blood and filling him with souls in terror. He remembered his eternal sleep in the vaults of Death’s Reach.

“What am I?” said Arantham. His voice rumbled through the chamber, reverberating through the stone under his massive body. Within Orcus’s hand was Doesain’s black sphere. Orcus casually threw it over his shoulder and it shattered into dust – it’s energy already spent.

“You are Arantham, you are Timesus, you are the Black Star.” said Orcus. “All the pain you have felt. All the anger you have within you. You can end it all.”

Arantham stood. He towered above Orcus’s servants. His body felt strong, filled with a blackness and a hatred he had never known. He felt power roaring through his red veins, a power he had never dreamed of.

“You will travel to the Heart of the Abyss, the crystal of pure evil that separates our Multi-verse from the void of the Far Realm. Only you can destroy it. Only you can breech the splinter between both worlds and end everything we know. Your pain will be gone. The agony of your life will have never existed. Everything, everywhere, every time, will end.”

“Come with me, it is time.”



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