Lash Embarer

Summary: The party travels to Lash Embarer, stops a sacrifice in the crumbling city’s center, kills Orcus’s latest high priest, and faces the Soulgrinder; a dragon wraith.

The Doorway

The ruins of the city of Lash Embarer rise up ahead of you. For centuries, the city housed Orcus’s most devout mortals, the Skull Lords. Massive buildings of twisted rock lay crumbled to the ground. High overhead, a swirling storm seems fixed over the city. Tendrils of light snake up from the city to the storm above. On the cold air you can overhear the sound of chanting coming from further in the city.

At the broken gates ahead, you see two massive green-skinned demons and four lurking humanoids guarding the entryway to the city. Eight pillars flank a stone walkway that leads into the ruined city of the Skull Lords.

The Sacrifice

Though you keep to the shadows, it would appear most of the city of Lash Embarer is empty. Crumbling buildings line the cracked earth streets. A noxious gas seems to permeate the city, the smell of rotted meat and ancient dust. Strange lights lead you to the city’s center where the white tendrils of light pierce up into the storm above. As you get closer, the chanting you heard gets louder.

When you step into the square you witness the full horror. A man dressed in black armor and cloaked in red oversees another who has a dagger held above the prostrate form of a unicorn. Black lines of necrotic energy surround the beast. You see its muscles straining as it attempts to fight back. Ritualistic cuts in the fey beast leak bright red blood into rivlets cut into the altar upon which it lays. These rivers of blood feed into a deep hole in front of the altar. Above the unicorn, a sharp black sword hangs tip down over the unicorn’s heart.

To your right you see a high platform with a strange glowing light. A robed skeletal form floats above the platform, red pinpoints of light deep within its black eye sockets.

To your left you see a massive stone throne. Upon it sits a Glabrezou, its huge pincers resting on the throne’s arms while its human hands are clasped in front of it. It swings its massive dog head in your direction, sniffing.

Dozens of cultists stand in front of the altar, all of them chanting prayers to the Prince of Undeath as the ritualistic sacrifice continues.

The Soulgrinder

Electricity and a deep chill seems to flow across the surface of your skin. Your feet crunch upon the bones of previous sacrifices. Streams of white energy twist out from four pools of black liquid. Four piles of bones bound together in bands of black energy surround the center of the room. Ahead of you, white mists swirl around a raised platform rests above piles of gold, jewels, platinum, and other treasure.

An ancient deep voice whispers out from the edges of the cavern, eventually centering on the platform ahead.

“Such powerful heroes they feed me this night. I shall feast upon your souls for the next ten thousand years.”

The white mists twist and form into the massive shape of a dragon.

Black shadows swirl out of the bone piles forming into humanoid shapes, black ghostly blades in their hands.



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