At the doorways of Everlost, the party met and defeated Orcus’s prime general, Glyphimhor, and his powerful Zythar sorcerers. Within the entry hall the party faced a pair of terrible Molydeus guardians. One of these carried a vorpal glaive acquired by Envy.

In a set of chambers carved like twisted versions of Eladrin construction the party found the quarters of the lich Harthoon, Orcus’s advisor. They also discovered strange half-baked simulacrums of nobles of Sigil.

Heading into another chamber the party found the kitchens and slave pits of Everlost where the appitites of the demon prince were fed with thousands of enslaved mortals. After defeating the Nalfishnee slavemaster who guarded the one remaining slave, the party met the dwarven architect of Orcus’s false hand, built from the stone and metal of Timesus.

With two keys in hand, the party entered Orcus’s throne room. There they faced the prince of undeath and in a massive battle, the party defeated the demon prince only to discover he was a super-powerful aspect built from Orcus’s dismembered hand. The real Orcus rides on his Chaos ship, the Black Skull, towards the Heart of the Abyss where he plans to release Timesus the Black Star and end the entire multiverse.

>>>>>>>>> Flavor Text for Everlost >>>>

With Oblivion’s End behind you, you find yourself at the doorway of Everlost. The very sight of Orcus’s fortress makes your heart sink. Built from the blackened crushed bone of millions, the keep’s sharp battlements reach to the swirling gray clouds overhead. The black walls are broken only by hundreds of skulls from all manner of beasts and all different sizes. Two massive skulls flank the black door of the citadel. A deep chasm surrounds the massive black keep and a crumbling bridge spans the chasm. The chaos of the lower Abyss swirls below. Battlements guard the opposite side of the bridge.

You begin to realize that the entryway to Everlost is eerlily quiet.

As you step out onto the bridge you hear a roar overhead. A huge beast, a balor larger than any you have seen, sweeps past. Lightning cracks the ground and you feel the bridge crack underfoot. The balor crashes to the ground.

“You have come a long way, Shieldbashers. But it ends here. For ten thousand years I,Glyphimhor, have ruled Orcusgate. I’ve killed a thousand like you. Your journey ends here.”

He raises his hand and bursts of flame reveal winged fire demons atop the battlements.

The lord of Orcusgate, second in command of Thanatos, attacks.


You step foot into the very den of the Prince of Undeath. Every stone under foot, every crushed-bone brick of the keep, all of it seems at odds with life itself. Two pillars twist with screaming faces near the front of the hall and a large statue of the Prince of Undeath himself sits further in the hall. On platforms above you see two large black ballista armed with wicked bone-tipped bolts manned by a pair of rotted winged beasts.

A terrible stench comes from a large portcullis on the south side while an eery blue glow eminates from a chamber on the north. A massive black door flanked by a pair of strange clockwork mechanisms resides in the eastern alcove. On one of the clockwork mechanisms you see a embossment of a crescent moon. On the other you see the empty embossment of a small skull. They must be keys of some kind.

The iron portcullis has a large six-bladed key of some sort and is adorned with foreboding glyphs. Even the most skilled thief is unlikely to pick this lock.

A teleportation platform glows with strange shifting lights. The stonework around it is different than the rest, intricately carved ivory and sandstone.


Three huge scrying portals illuminate this sparse chamber. A large crystal ball sits in a stand of swirling ivory in the center of the room. The room itself appears to be of eladrin design. Delicate figures dance in the beautifully carved ivory. It is only every so often, from the corner of your eye, you see the beautiful figures ripped apart or brutalized by unseen terrors.

DC 35 arcana check to re-establish the last viewed locations. One is Sigil where a great hole is opening up further, swallowing the city. Another is on Lethernia, the citadel of the Raven Queen. The last is fixed on a massive red stone surrounded by violent orange and black storms.


Large metal and glass tubes connect three iron sarcophagi to large vats of a horrible green liquid. Pumps push the liquid into the sarcophagi. Other vats of a black tarry substance also sit in this room. A long table sits against one wall supporting a glass jar with a pink organic thing pulsating within it.

A desk of petrified wood is cluttered with various scrolls and dusty books bound in blackened human skin. (DC 35 Arcana check to read it without taking 3d10+20 arcane damage). An old journal lies on a pedestal recently written in red-black ink. (hand out the pages) Another teleportation circle is against the opposite wall.

A hulking figure lies strapped to a stone table.

Opening one of the sarcophagi you see a perfectly preserved man of noble stature. You recognize him as one of the nobles of Sigil, yet his face and head are hairless. He opens his mouth and green liquid begins to pour out. His body immediately begins to deteriorate into black sludge.

The hulking figure roars and rips free from its bonds. Green liquid begins to flow onto the floor at an alarming rate.


Traveling through the last teleporter you find yourself standing high Oblivion’s end. Vertigo flows over you, making your knees weak and your vision shaky. You stand high above Everlost on a platform only thirty feet across with no railing. (DC 25 perception / arcana: There is a sphere of force protecting the platform). You can see past the Lost Hills to the city of X and even further to smoke rising from Lash Embarer where you battled the Wraith Dragon and the capital city of Orcusgate. You can watch thousands of bands of undead tearing across the plains of Hunger in search of mortals.

Turning behind you you see the sharp spires of Everlost and behind it you see the Black Skull, Orcus’s Chaos Ship. Thick tendrils of souls twist around the hull, pouring into a center funnel that feeds into the massive black ship. The ship is powering up. It hangs suspended over a swirling vortex of black and red, twisting deep into the lower Abyss.

You see the ship break away from the platform to which it was attached. It turns with a deep rumble and then plunges into the vortex, diving deep into the lowest reaches of the Abyss. You can only imagine what horrible cargo it carries and what horrible place it carries it to.


The smell of rotted flesh, blood, and sulphur flow past as you step down the stairs into the kitchens of Everlost.

In all of your travels you have never seen a place as horrible as the kitchens of Everlost. The smell of burned flesh, smoking blood, and sulphur hang thick in the air. Massive iron pots, huge firepits, and hanging barbed chains fill this large chamber. Eviscerated headless and limbless corpses hang from large bloody hooks above. In one of the iron pots you find a terrible concoction of boiled flesh and internal organs in a thick black soup.

However no creature, demonic or otherwise, resides in this chamber.


The spiral staircase leads deep below the halls of Everlost. The wet heat brings beads of sweat on your skin. The smell of feces and rot thickens. Soon the staircase opens up into a roughly carved cavern. A walkway leads to a pair of large sunken pits. Hundreds of bodies fill the pits in various states of decay. On the walkway above stands a huge demon with the head of a pig and tiny wings.

“You are the last, dwarf. I don’t know why our master waited this long but my wish is now granted. Come to me so I might have one last feast on mortal entrails.”

Hearing you, the demon turns its massive bloated body in your direction. As its gaze falls upon you, you feel yourself weaken. Suddenly the vast experiences you have fall away. Your fingers forget the feeling of your sword and your tongue tangles as you attempt to cast your spells. You raise your defenses weakly as the creature steps forward, black lightning crackling from its thick fingers.


Red torchlight spills into the halls ahead as you push open the doors to Orcus’s Inner sanctum. The hall is massive, with a vaulted 100’ ceiling and three large platforms. Terrible depictions of mortals being raped, torn, and devoured by all manner of demons adorn the walls. Pools of blood, some ancient and dry and others wet and recent, span the floor. A pair of large demon heads flank a vent of red and white flowing energy.

A robed figure stands on the right-hand platform near a burning red glyph. Four iron sarcophagi rest along the walls, black smoke rising from their eyes.

None of this, however, captures your attention like the being in front of you – a being that haunted your dreams for your entire lives. A being you have hunted for decades. A beast that threatens life itself.

Orcus, the Prince of Undeath, smiles at you.

“Long have we known of each other, Shieldbashers, yet never have we met. Come, my children, let us embrace.”


This chamber might once have acted as Orcus’s pleasure parlor. A huge bath of red blood sits sunken into the stone floor. All manner of instrument of torture decorate the room. Much of this has been pushed aside to make room for the creature that once laid here. It was here, you realize, that Timesus was reanimated. You find the remains of the black orb stolen by Doresain’s expert ghoul orb capturing squad.

A stairway and hall lead to the upper decks of Everlost.


You stand on a large platform that hangs out from Everlost’s upper spires. Below you swirls a massive vortex that leads deeper into the bowels of the Abyss. Above you, the red-black storm spirals into a funnel. You hear a roar overhead as a shadow passes. A ship comes along side the platform. You breathe a great sigh as you identify it.

The Sheviathon has come.

“Come quick,” shouts Captain Vlaxx in your mind. “The Black Skull has four hours on us. It’s going to be a shaky path but we must start now if we hope to catch it.”

“It’s time to go save the multi-verse.”



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