Sixty seven years ago…

The cabin door opened sending in the rushing hot winds of Chaos. Captain Irik narrowed his one remaining eye at the intruder, the young one – Vlaxx.

“You wanted to see me?” said the young Gith. Irik nodded and motioned for her to sit. In the center of his Fey-oak table sat a small orb no larger than an eye. It swamp with red and orange light, the same light of the massive Chaos engines of the ship in which they sat.

“Take hold of it with your mind, Vlaxx.” Said Irik. Vlaxx smiled at him and concentrated on the orb. It rose from the center of the table and spun in the air. “Difficult?” asked Irik.

“No,” said Vlaxx, with a smile. Irik stood and circled around her. From his belt he drew a curved knife of shining silver and put it to her to her throat. The orb wavered.

“If it drops, I will kill you where you sit.” said Irik.

He pressed the blade in. A small drop of green blood rolled down her slender neck.

“I will cut off your head right now. You will never see the skies of chaos again. You will never laugh with the crew. You will never get out of that chair. You will die staring at that orb laying on the desk. I will pick up your body and throw it out the back of the ship and not a single soul will ever mention your name again or spare you another thought. It will be as though you have never been.”

The orb wavered but held. Irik pressed the blade deeper, pulling it slightly. Her blood now flowed from the cut on her neck She held her breath but the orb remained steady in the air. A moment passed and Irik saw what he was looking for. She was not afraid. She expected to die here. Yet the orb remained in the air.

Irik removed the blade and draped a cloth over her shoulder. He reached out and clutched the orb in the air before walking back around to the front of the table. Irik held the cloth to the wound around her neck – a would that would follow her for the rest of her days.

“Holding the ship steady, even with death staring you down. That is a hard lesson to learn, young one.” He stared at her with his one eye, standing over her with the light of chaos behind him.

“Always hold the ship steady.”



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