The Time Vault

For five hundred thousand years the mystery of the Shieldbashers has been passed from father to son, from priest to student, from god to worshipper. Its origin has always been hidden in these stories, tales of battles that had yet to pass. Both good and evil followed the trails of these legends, trails that all lead here, to this battle, tonight.

Tonight, the true story of the prophecy of the Shieldbashers will finally be told.

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Like a splinter in your heart, the high priest Arantham has followed every step you have made since before you were born. It was he who fathered Kalarel’s twisted darkness. It was he who sent Thrax to slay Rosa, only to fail and create her instead. With every breath in his dark lungs he has sought your destruction. You are a blight upon his plans.

And tonight, you will have your chance, slim as they are, to stop them.

The chamber ahead of you is a cacophony of contradiction. The sands of time have torn across the dwarven stone walls of the chamber for half a million years, yet ahead you see ajoining walls that appear to have been carved only months before. A set of stone steps cross this half million year divide, leading to a platform. On the platform, you witness the Time Vault, a cylinder of twisting smoke and floating shapes. Once it imprisoned the Black Star but now it is empty.

Standing on the platform is your nemesis, Arantham. Dark father of the the murderer priest Kalarel and leader of Orcus’s secret order, the Ashen Covenant. Behind him, you see four dark figures carrying an iron box out throu a recently excavated tunnel in the back wall. Arantham smiles at you, in another circumstance it mint even be a kind smile. “You’re late.”

A barrier of scintillating colors separates the room, cutting you off from the platform. Two massive statues of stone reside to your left and right. Within their chests you see orbs of the same scintillating color. Splashes of red blood paint the front of the statue’s massive chests.

With a terrible screech and a deep rumble of moving stone, the two massive statues animate and attack. It is only now that you see the Orcus’s glyphs etched into them.

*In a great battle, the Shieldbashers smashed down the two statues, once guardians of the old Gods but now twisted to the will of the Ashen Covenant.

The barrier collapses. Arantham looks behind him, ensuring the final crate has left the chamber. As he turns back, You see a look of serenity on his face, a look of near kindness. He stares into the black orb in his hand and then back to you.

“It doesn’t matter what you do to me, my job is already done.”

“I have read your tale, and it ceases today. There are no more words of your deeds. Anywhere. Your destiny ends here. Right now.”

“There is no fate. There is no prophecy for you. You are destined for nothing. You’re going to die like everyone else – like everything else.”

In a great battle, the Shieldbashers faced the final Black Star hosts of Arantham and the high priest himself. Using an orb of great power, he twisted attacks against him to his minions, including a vampire ambassador.

Masjo stole the black orb from his hand and pushed him into the time vault. When Arantham came out beaten down by the powers of the old Gods, the party finished off the old priest. Only three words came out of his mouth:

“I’m sorry, Sara.”

The party parlayed with the Old Gods, a conversation spread across 500,000 years through the swirling of the Time Vault. Asking for information, Fausto tossed his journal into the Time Vault whereupon it reappeared 500,000 years older in an old bronze canister filled with an inert gas to preserve it. Within it were new notes written by the Old Gods, portal spells that would lead the party to weapons of great power used in their battle against the Black Star.

The Black Star itself has been absconded from the chamber, packed in large iron crates and transported somewhere through Sigil.

The danger of the Black Star still hangs over the multi-verse.



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