The Smuggler's Run

After some investigating in the streets of Sigil, the Shieldbashers become aware of a safehouse used by agents of Orcus for their smuggling operation. The party crashes into the safehouse and faces four empowered knights of Orcus, each with a burning blue sigil of the demon prince on his shoulder. A vampire also joins the battle.

After a great battle, the party emerges victorious.

The party travels down a trap door in the safehouse to a large sewer system below the city. There they encounter a great tentacled beast but are able to avoid engaging in it as the beast will have nothing to do with the chamber beyond the sewers.

From the sewers, the party travels into a very old summoning / teleportation chamber guarded by three vampire knights and an ancient insectoid slaver. After the defeat of the vampires, the party interrogates the insectoid beast and learns it is quite good with numbers. They offer it a job in accounting at the Three Wishes.

They also learn that the vampire’s master, a man named Zovelle, has allied himself with the forces of Orcus – something that Zovelle’s own servants do not agree upon. They find a note stating that there is a party coming up in Zovelle’s manor in two nights and that shipments of the Black Star are still being brought to the Docks at Sigil.

The party agrees to investigate the Docks before going to Zovelle’s party in two nights.



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