The Sheviathon

You step through the tunnels underneath Sigil into a sight beyond mortal vision. “The Docks” does not do this place justice one single bit.

Above you swirls the entryway to the Astral Sea, an endless expanse of swirling mist dotted with the tiny points of a thousand thousand worlds. Below you is a vortex to chaos where the elements blend into streams of molten rock flowing from massive earthmotes and thousand-mile-wide funnels of storm.

Massive airships are anchored to huge stone docks. Some of them are as beautiful as the celestial servants of the Gods. Others are as hardened as a black iron blade. Huge iron statues stand upon massive blocks of stone from the surface of the docks. It would appear the entire complex floats on a giant earthmote itself sitting between the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos.

“The Shieldbashers, I was wondering if you’d make it here.” A thin being with yellow skin dotted with black smiles at you. His face is narrow and his red hair is pulled back into a topknot. “I’m Rake, an associate of Kylie.” says the Githzerai. “We’ve been keeping a quiet eye down here looking for your friends. The agents of the Ghoul King are definitely around.”

“We don’t know which of the ships here has hired out to the Ghoul King. That’s for you to find out. However, be subtle or his agents will become aware and they will know of your queries. You can try down at the [docks themselves], at the [warehouse district] to my left, or at the [Point of Light], the local warf bar. Be careful, however. Every beast that has sailed through the Seas above or the Chaos below flows through here and not all of them are friendly.”

The party battled the Githyanki on board the Sheviathon, a chaos ship hired by the Ghoul King to smuggle crates filled with pieces of Timesus the black Star. The party cut down the crew and defeated the captain, Captain Vlax. They then convinced her to join them and give over her ship.

The party is now in possession of the Sheviathon.



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