The Ghoulspire

You step carefully onto the platform that leads into the spire. Looking out you witness the full extent of the White Kingdom the Kingdom of the Ghouls.

As you watch, packs of ghouls, some with as many as two or three hundred, race across the bone-dust ground chasing the fleeing figures of displaced souls. They rip and tear them apart, pulling strings of flesh and sinew through their razor sharp teeth. Higher up you see thick clouds of giant bats. Looking closer you realize these are not only bats but terrible winged ghouls.

Further out, past the Mountain of Mouths, you see the¬†mausoleum¬†of Doresain sitting in a lake of black blood. All that stands between you and it are a hundred thousand ghouls…

Throughout the spire you find a network of passageways carved with what appear to be humanoid claws. The dust of bone turns your boots white as you walk through the passageways. Sinkholes lead much deeper into the bowels of the spire.

You could easily become lost in these narrow passages and deep sinkholes and you can hear the rapid shuffling of claws on stone. You must find your way through the spire and seek an exit.

Your journey through the spire takes you to an ancient chamber of finely carved rock. Blue torchlight illuminates this chamber. Horrible demonic heads flank a passageway leading down deeper into the spire. Platforms sit up high on the walls. The ceiling is nearly fifty feet high and vaulted. All along the walls and ceiling you see terrible carved reliefs of beasts devouring mortals. Four pillars sit within the center of the hall surrounding an ancient and unpowered arcane circle. The pillars are carved into the twisted shapes of bodies mashed together, some screaming in horror and some writhing in pleasure. A twisted fountain shaped like a beautiful woman with the head of a goat pours blood into a large basin.

As you further enter the room, a burst of blue flame reveals a beautiful woman in black robes. She pulls the hood of her robe back to reveal her ghoulish nature. Her full black lips pull back to reveal razor-sharp teeth. Her black eyes widen.

“The Shieldbashers. My master has spoken of you. He will reward me well for bringing him your heads. As for the rest of you, that is for my pleasure.”

You continue to travel deep within the spire. Looking at the strange twisted rock you soon see thick organic veins woven in through the stonework. The sight brings bile up into your throat. The cold chill of the air above soon departs, leaving a thick humid air that brings sweat down across your brows.

You enter a large room. Some of it has been carved out of stone, some is built of hardened bone meal, and some pulses with a dark organic life. A massive, slathering, toothfilled maw sits on the far wall. Two braziers of fire burn hot. Flanking each side of the massive maw are two brass gongs.



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