The Gate of Nerull and the Fall of the Aspect of Orcus

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Across the Desert of Ash in the ancient battleground of Death’s Reach, the Shieldbashers faced their strongest foe. In a furious battle they faced the Ashen Covenant Mistress of Portals, the Marilith Shonruvvu, and attempted to disrupt her summoning ritual. Only too late did they realize that the Marilith’s own death was the catalyst for sacrifice to bring her dark lord to Death’s Reach.

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A piece of the Demon Prince, Orcus, himself, stepped through, emerald-skulled mace in hand. “For twelve hundred years you have hounded me. No more.” spoke the Empowered Aspect of Orcus.

In a single blow, the avatar of Undeath struck down Fausto the Reluctant. The battle raged furious, lighting the dark skies of Death’s Reach with flame and lightning. Demons tore free from the earth. Ghouls raced across the sands.


Only when the sorceress, Mika, stepped around from a pile of scorched dead ghouls, did the Demon Prince take notice.

“It is you!” he roared.

“Indeed,” said Mika. Flame roared from her hands and burned the twisted life from the aspect of Undeath.

Deep in the dark world of Thanatos, upon his throne of skulls, the true Prince of Undeath sits, eyes narrow and his chin resting on his fist. His ambassador and advisor, the Ghoul King, Doresain, stands at his side.

“Did you learn what you desired, my lord?” hissed the ghoul king in his slithering voice.

“More,” spoke the Prince of Undeath. “Much more.”



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