Sigil Part 2

Though Azonia had hoped for retirement, the Shieldbashers had other plans. She was to resume her current position as the operator of the Three Wishes and continue to operate the entertainment parlor as she had. She was also to seek out information on behalf of the Shieldbashers. She did, however, deliver the Writ of Ownership of the Three Wishes to the Shieldbashers, which they signed.

In the shadows, however, another evil lurked.

The Shieldbashers brought over Masjo’s uncle, Uncle Gendar, to help operate their interests in Sigil on their behalf. He would use the portal located in Azonia’s safehouse to transport spiced meats and bring back relics and artifacts from Sigil back to the Seven Pillared Hall.

Azonia invited the Shieldbashers to the grand reopening of the Three Wishes, which no longer engaged in race trafficking, but continued to operate as a den of prostitution (as long as they’re well treated, narcotics (as long as its only recreational), and exotic dancing.

Gendar brought news to the Shieldbashers, however. It would seem that the elite forces of Orcus, a powerful cult known as the Ashen Covenant, was attacking the goddess’s temple of Lethernia located on the mountain of Zvomarana, the Temple of Temples.

At the grand reopening of the Three Wishes, they were told a stranger was outside with a young girl asking for them. When they stepped outside, they saw a cloaked figure holding an unsteady Kylie. As they watched in horror, the cloaked figure stabbed the girl and dropped her to the ground. The party rushed forward and crushed the figure’s skull, only then realizing it was another ruse.

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All around the party, the shadows came alive. Knights of the Ashen Covenant, assassins, and a lich all attacked the party. The master asseassin, Drakrethar, a mercenary that the demon princes hired to slay gods, attacked as well.

A bloody battle ensued yet the Shieldbashers were victorious. The lich fled before the party could stop him.

As they recovered, they prepared to enter Zvomarana. It would seem Masjo, the Key Bearer, knew the proper rituals simply by memory to draw the party into the Shadowfell once again, to the Temple of Temples.



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