Sigil Part 1

The party meets Kylie, a guide and liaison to Sigil. She takes them to the Golden Spout, a fine tavern and inn in Sigil’s market district. The party recovers from their battle with Urishtar the Shadow Dragon and begins to hunt down the Iron Claw Rakshasa clan.

Their hunt leads them to an Azonia Shandryx, a noble woman who owns and operates out of an entertainment parlor known as the Three Wishes outside of the Hive, the lower nastier area of Sigil.


The party heads to the Hive and through stealth, silent arrows, and sharp daggers, infiltrates the bar. Inside they find a den of prostitution, narcotics, and exotic dancing. They soon engage with the Iron Claw Rakshasa who appeared as other races throughout the bar. As the battle raged, Azonia escaped into the back offices and storage areas.

The party defeated the Rakshasa and followed Azonia down a secret stairwell that actually traversed through a portal into the center of a large ice-rock mote floating within the Elemental Chaos – Azonia’s safehouse.

There they engaged in a duel with Azonia. Should they bloody her before she bloodies three of the PCs, she will give them the Three Wishes and whatever information they seek. Should they lose, all debts are paid and they will leave her and her operation.

At that point, Azonia showed her true form, a huge silver dragon.

Though she managed to bloody the Harbinger of Doom, Envy, Azonia was quickly bloodied herself and the PCs found themselves the victor.



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