Scourging of Zvormarana

The four members of the Ashen Covenant stepped from the portal into the sacred lands of Zvormarana. The hulking figure of Thax shadowed over the other three; Hertrud the black-armored priestess, Uganan the cowled tiefling enchanter, and Mauglurien the dwarven bloodlord. An angellic figure swirled in black flowing smoke rose from the ground and extended her wings.

“Visitors of the Raven Queen, welcome to Zvormarana. Should you wish audience with the Raven Queen, you must prove your fortitude and strength of your intent.”

“Here is our proof,” spoke Mauglurien. He drew a wide-bladed dagger from his armored belt and with a powerful grunt plunged it into the chest of the Raven Queen’s servant. She screamed out as silver celestial liquid flowed over his hands and onto the ground. He pulled the blade back out, showering himself in the angel’s blood. It fell back, eyes wide, before falling to the sacred earth. Dozens of more angellic figures, unarmed and unarmored mixed with the travelers of Zvormarana.

“Arantham was right, there are our sacrifices,” said Uganan.

“Hertrud, begin your ritual. Thax, find the skull. Uganan, reopen our gate in the third temple. I will meet you at the gates when you are ready.”

Thus began the dark scourging of Zvormarana and the assault on the Raven Queen.



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