Re-Death of the Ghoul King

The massive crypt doors open into Doresain’s Mausoleum. The smell of death lays thick in this massive hall. Platforms rise up from a floor swirling in some strange pattern. You soon realize the terrible truth, the floor itself is a mass of ghouls, packed together, twisting and writhing in their pain and hunger. They snap with razor-sharp teeth as they smell your mortal blood.

Across the moat of ghouls sits a tiered platform topped by Doresain’s personal throne. Above it towers a massive statue of Orcus, it’s gemmed eyes gleaming in the violet light of the chamber. Green flames dance from the other platforms that surround the chamber.

“Again, we meet, Shieldbashers,” hisses the Ghoul King. “And again, you are too late. My master will soon take possession of the Black Star and in his keep in Thanatos, my master will awaken him and send him on his way.”

“As for you, you will die here and feed my flock.”

The air shimmers next to the Ghoul King as two massive red demons uncloak from their spells of invisibility. Flaming whips crackle with fire in one of their hands while a sword of lightning cuts through the air.

“Their hearts belong to me. Let my children feed on the rest of them.”

“You never knew what you held in that black orb, did you. It took us centuries to awaken and fuel Arantham’s anger. Such careful planning could not exist without insurances. The orb, his phylactery, is the key to harnessing that anger and using it to fuel the Black Star. His anger and sadness knows no limits. He has mourned for a hundred lifetimes. He just wants it all to end and soon he will have the power to do so.”

Doresain falls back, blood dripping from his wounds into spatters of black tainted blood upon the floor. He looks up, his eyes blazing with a terrible blue light. He begins whispering in a terrible ancient tongue. A formation begins to rise from the moat of ghouls, a massive beast formed by the intertwined bodies of hundreds of ghouls. Its arms reach out covered in the tearing claws and glass-like teeth of the ghouls that form this massive body. The mouths on Doresain’s cloak begin snapping and tearing even harder, as does the teeth of his terrible mace.

Black smoke flows from the shining ruby eyes of the statue of Orcus.

DC 31 religion or arcana, check every round. The eyes are connected to the terrible mass of ghouls, allowing it to bond and form into a single horrible entity.

A huge rumble fills the chamber, shaking the stone of the mausoleum.

“My master’s prize is on its way,” says Doresain, laughing. “It is all in motion!”

As you step through Doresain’s mausoleum and into the strange night air of the White Kingdom, your breath catches in your throat. A massive chaos ship, Orcus’s Black Skull, roars over the lake of blood. It rises into the air and then dives through the center of the huge whirlpool in the center of the lake, diving deep into the Abyssal planes below.

Soon the chaos ship will reach Thanatos and Orcus will release the ancient primordial weapon, a weapon powerful enough to destroy every conscious soul in every world known to God and man.

And all that stands between you and this weapon is the Prince of Undeath.

Another roar washes over you from overhead. Your ship, the Sheviathon, swings down from overhead and to balcony upon which you stand.

“The flying ghouls are in panic,” speaks Captain Vlaxx in the back of your mind, “We only have a few moments to flee this place before they attack the ship. Come quickly.”

As you leap to the ship, the psionic generators flare to life. The Sheviathon roars out into the empty night sky of the southern regions of the White Kingdom. As you stare across at the whirlpool that leads deeper into the Abyss, you see three choices in front of you.

You may chase after Orcus’s chaos ship. You may seek the remaining two Dawn War weapons. Or you may return to Sigil to rest, rearm, and research the enemy you face ahead.

What will you choose?



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