Orcus and the Forsaken Mastermind

There were few creatures able to drive a shiver through Orcus’s skin, but the creature in front of him was one of these few. Humanoid, gray of skin, and no eyes at all; the creature stood, chin high, in front of the Prince of Undeath. The screaming of mortals all around him and the shifting of shadows seemed to affect the creature not at all.

“You know what comes,” said the Demon Prince. “We have in our possession the weapon to end everything. I know this is what you have sought for your limitless age.”

The humanoid, the Forsaken Mastermind, spoke two words. “It is.”

“I have this power but it will take time to begin. There are others out there who seek to end this course of events. They travel on a Chaos Ship called the Sheviathon. My telepaths will give you their psionic signature so you can find them. They travel through the Abyss as we speak.”

The creature did not speak. Only beheld the Prince of Undeath with its blind eyes.

“Do this and the eternity of the void awaits you. You will have the peace you have always sought. Fail, and your eternity of torment will continue.”

“We understand.”

Orcus raised his black hand laced with red veins and pointed to the massive doorway of his throne room. Orcus’s Molydeus guardian opened the door but the Forsaken Mastermind did not exit. He stood for another long moment before turning and leaving.

Orcus felt himself relax. To have a God, even pieces of a God, walking in his own halls was nearly too much.

But his time grew short and his options few. His plan drew quickly to conclusion.



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