Meeting of Blood and Diplomacy

You sit around an ancient table of oiled wood polished to a fine shine over the centuries. In the main room outside, you hear the thump of music as business tries to return to normal in the Three Wishes, but business is far from normal.

You sit with Azonia, Gendar, and Kylie. Weston hovers like a shadow near the door, peeking outside to see if any trouble brews.

“The Mutual Trade Association is a very powerful band of merchants and commodity dealers running out of Sigil and into many of the known worlds,” speaks Azonia. “They are both politically powerful and very wealthy.”

“And two days ago you killed one of their own,” says Weston, his eyes not leaving the bar’s floor.

“This city is run by the Lady of Pain and her servants but they care very little for political squabblings of the people in the city. She cares about invasion or massive upheaval.”

Gendar clears his throat.

“This may seem important to you,” says the dark elf. “But not when compared to your primary quest. If Orcus’s plan takes place, the empty coffers of your bar will not matter one bit.”

“He’s right,” says Azonia. “We can help solve your problems in Sigil while you’re away. You must get to the Sheviathon and head to the White Kingdom where Doresain recovers the pieces of Timesus the Black Star.”

“You need only tell us how you want us to handle the situation,” says Azonia, her eyes flashing silver. “I have danced the political dance of the Trade Association for centuries. I might be able to divert some of the pressure. Kylie might be able to work the streets, find blackmail against those who know the truth and get them to speak it. Our new friend Weston might be valuable in this as well. He could…take care of…some of the more troublesome members of the Mutual Trade Association”

“Just tell us how you want us to handle it and then take care of your bigger problem.”

“Stop Doresain.”



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