Atop Magrathar’s Teeth, the party battled a fierce contingent of eight draconic wraiths. Through her knowledge of the arcane, Mika understood that these were young dragons, each once powerful in their lives, that had been slaughtered and sacrificed into these wraiths, now used to protect the twisted Soulstream.

During the battle against the draconic wraiths, the party saw a large teleportation circle begin to glow. Angry tendrils of energy threatened the party unless they harnassed them into powerful arcane blasts against the drakes.

After the drakes fell the party prepared for Magrathar’s assault.

The powerful mage came in protected with a prismatic sphere while the party battled two huge Hezrou demons and three abyssal hurlers.


The party began to crack each of the prismatic shells surrounding Magrathar. One by one, they used fire, ice, poison, steel, and radiant power to break through his protections. With each one down, Magrathar showed his true form. Pulling his steel mask from his face, he revealed his true origin – a Larva Mage.

It would seem that Magrathar’s attempt to become a lich had failed. Instead of empowering his old corpse with his arcane might, he instead empowered the worms and maggots that fed upon it.

That was not his only surprise. With a single command, Magrathar revealed his darkest secret: Thrash, the Shadar-kai bard that had joined the party in the Shadowfell, was actually an agent of Orcus! Thrash, tearing open his shirt, revealed the blue burning sigil of Orcus on his chest and began to sing his horrible song of pain.

The battle raged furious. Thrash cut into Rosa and Mika before Fausto blasted him into a deep pit. Climbing out, he soon took two of Rosa’s deadly arrows before falling.

Powerful blasts of arcane magic tore into Magrathar, as did the blade of the blademaster, Masjo. Soon, the larva mage, third lieutenant of Orcus, fell on the battlements.

As quiet fell upon the battlements, the party looked to the great spire ahead – Nightwyrm Fortress awaited.

Nightwyrm Fortress



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