Imix wept.

Rivers of molten rock fell from his massive eyes. They rolled into the endless ocean below, an entire sphere of water floating in chaos. Upon his earthmote, he sat, head bowed low as his massive chest heaved in sobs.

He had waited so long for her. For so long he had imagined her return. She would return to him, a being of living fire, and they would embrace, encircle one another, and merge into one. They would rule over the remaining beings of the multi-verse, sealing off the Abyss, crushing the worlds of the planes above, and command every being in all mortal worlds to serve them.

For three hundred thousand years they had loved each other. For seven hundred thousand more, Ixis had waited to feel that love again. But when she returned. He felt it not. Instead, he felt something else. Something that made his heart burn ever hotter.

He could not deny it. He had seen the way she looked at the other insect- the golden-armored one who barked orders and ran from his Grue. Imix saw how she looked at him and knew how she felt. She loved him. Or she thought she might.

How could one as powerful as she care at all for a mortal? The thought made Imix sick.

Still, she had asked Imix to let her go and he did. She looked at him with that fire in her, a fire he had felt burning within him for just shy a million years. She had asked him to let her go and finish her quest. What could she mean? What quest did she have besides returning to him?

He would investigate this further. Though never the strongest mind in the pantheon of the Primordials, Imix was not without resources. He would find what she sought. He would seek what she sought.

And he would find a way to win her back.



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