Gendar and the Sink Hole

Gendar loved to watch Lola practice. She was a monster, no pun intended, when the crowds flooded the Three Wishes and howled as the succubus danced, the music hammering hard enough to send drinks off of tables. Those were good nights, and they were back now that Azonia had made her deal with the Sigil consortium of merchants.

But when she was alone, when the bar was closed for cleaning and Lola practiced alone, that was when Gendar liked to watch her the most. The music still hammered and the lamps were still down, but it was just he and the succubus in the room.

He watched her twist and writhe, her body moving in a quick succession of movement too fast for any mortal to mimic, or even truely see, and then she would slow, her black eyes taking him in and her body moving smooth. The dim light shined off of her ivory skin and her wings sent shadows across the entire bar.

Gendar smiled, his soft leather boots up on the table and arms crossed across his chest. It was a good day, a relaxing day, and such days were hard to find these days. Unfortunately today’s respite would not last.

The door opened, sending light in across the bar. Broog’s huge form left a massive silhouette in the door way.

“Uncle,” said the Ogre. Though Gendar was only uncle to Masjo, the name had seemed to stick. “There is something you must see.”

There were few things that shook the ogre’s voice like that. The attack of the Ghoul King being the only other times Gendar had heard a quiver in Broog’s voice. Gendar prided himself on not getting excited even when those around him were, but he still felt his heart start.

He took a last look at Lola. She smiled at him and the light shined in her black eyes. For a moment he forgot everything else around him. Then that feeling in his heart came back and he was out the door with Broog following closely behind.

A gathering had formed in the southern streets of the Hive. As they approached, Gendar noticed that the light fell strangely on the streets. When he got closer and slid past the huge crowd that had formed, he saw why. Some of the buildings in Sigil’s skyline appeared to be missing.

He came out in front of the crowd and jerked back as his feet approached the edge of a massive hole that stretched hundreds of feet across the streets. A brick from the street fell under his foot and into the blackness of the hole. It disappeared from sight and no sound returned.

“What is it?” someone next to him asked. Other questions followed. “How can it even be?”, “Where does it go?”, “What does it mean?”.

To that last, at least, Gendar had an answer.

It meant that time grew short. Their fate rested in the hands of the Shieldbashers. May the Raven Queen look over them and guide them lest all be lost, forever.



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