Exploring the Pirate Chaos Ships

As you step onto the deck of the Grasalog, you know immediately that something terrible happened here. Blood is splashed across the deck and the smell of burned flesh hangs thick. Traveling down into the hull of the massive chaos ship, you find the arcane shells that once contained the two powerful elementals whose eternal struggles fueled the ship. The shells are cracked and empty.

Moving over to the Imirith you find much of the same sight. It would appear both ships were attacked simultaneously. Dozens of ghoul corpses in various states of dismemberment litter the decks and the internal holds. Whatever primordial gems fueled the Imirith are now gone.

Returning back to the Sheviathon, Vlaxx takes you to the docks of the massive stone spire. You step carefully onto the platform that leads into the spire. Looking out you witness the full extent of the White Kingdom – the Kingdom of the Ghouls.

As you watch, packs of ghouls, some as large as two or three hundred, race across the bone-dust ground chasing the fleeing figures of displaced souls. They rip and tear them apart, pulling strings of flesh and sinew through their razor sharp teeth. Higher up you see thick clouds of giant bats. Looking closer you realize these are not only bats but terrible winged ghouls.

Further out, past the Mountain of Mouths, you see the mausoleum of Doresain sitting in a lake of black blood. All that stands between you and it are a hundred thousand ghouls…

Perhaps you can another way within the Spire, you hope, as you enter it’s dark maw.



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