Chaos Maw Part 2

Continuing through the ruins of the Emerald Skull temple, the party found a partially completed flesh golem infused with the power of Orcus manifested by a blue burning symbol on its chest. It was released by a pack of small Slaad spawns, rampaged through the party, and was soon cut down.

The party traveled in further, finding the preparation room for sacrifices and the high priests quarters. Within they found a note:

Though my faith is strong, there are days where I question our actions. For five hundred years we have fed the Beast. We have trained it as we were told in the ancient tomes. We sacrificed hundreds a year to feed its endless appetite.

I do not know which I fear worse – the Beast itself or the Chaos Maw that feeds it with eternal madness and a hunger for ruin.

I have read the old texts. I know the prophecy. They will come. It has been foreseen. But can we not battle these “Shieldbashers” ourselves? Can we not murder them in their sleep? Must we build such a beast to defeat them?

What is the cost for so much power?

I fear dark days ahead should the Chaos Maw’s bonds unravel.

The party continued on to the sacrificial pit itself where they met a great host of Slaads including a powerful Void Slaad.

Throughout the world there are many temples to the Demon Prince. Today, however, you stand in one of his oldest and most powerful temples in all the worlds. Hundreds of thousands have been sacrificed here to the Prince of Undeath. Today, however, the sacrificers find themselves, the sacrificed.

A large blue slaad holds aloft the high priest of the Emerald Skull. The high priest screams until his throat tears. With a single slash, the blue slaad opens him up and spills his innards down into a large dark pit below. Disgusted at the loss of his fun, the Slaad tosses the remains below as well.

The room is covered in splashes of blood and the broken bodies of a dozen cultists. On a platform to the south, green slaads see your presence and grin. Red slaads at the base of the stairs begin a terrible howling while the blue slaads roar and attack.

After defeating the host, the party dropped into the pit itself where they battled the Heroslayer, a five-headed hydra:

Deep below the sacrificial chamber, you stand in the chamber of the Chaos Maw. This chamber appears as old as the mountain itself, as old as the war between the gods and primordials. On the ground, the cultists have carved a large pentagram. The gaping grin of a million-year-old carved beast opens to a swirling vortex that stands between the Shadowfell and the depths of the Elemental Chaos.

As you step further into the chamber, the pentagram begins to glow. Black wisps of smoke turn and swirl. A roar echoes across the cavern, a roar of five voices. As the smoke clears, a beast of your worst nightmare stands in front of you. Five heads behold you, eyes blazing with madness and fury. It is the one whispered by the cultists for a thousand years, the creature bred and fueled for a millennia for a single purpose – to kill the Shieldbashers. 
bq). It is the Heroslayer.

The party defeated the beast, though the sorceress, Mika, was crushed in the jaws of the powerful beast. The party then faced the Maw itself:

chaos maw

Though the maw itself attempted to tear the party asunder with terrible magical force, the party closed the gateway to chaos and the slaad threat ended.



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