Breech of the Reliquary

The remaining three members of the Ashen Covenant stared into the portal into which their brothers and sisters entered Zvomarana, the Temple of the Raven Queen. Elder Arantham, second hand of Orcus, Prince of Undeath, turned to the remaining two agents of the Ashen Covenant; the marilith Shonvurru and the frost lich Ghovran Akti.

“You sent them to their death,” said Akti. Arantham turned his black eyes to the ice-lich. “Uganan knew this – I could see it in his eyes.”

“It was necessary,” said Arantham. “With the power of the soulstream no longer in our grasp, we needed more time. The attack on Zvormarana will buy us time. Soon the Shieldbashers will enter Death’s Reach. We must uncover the Reliquary before they do.”

Arantham turned to Ghovran Atki. “Stay here in Sigil,” said Arantham. “Should they return, you must slow them further. Shonvurru and I will return to Death’s Reach, finish the excavation, and call upon the Prince of Undeath to speak of our progress.

Ghovran Atki kept the black orbs of his eyes upon his master as he nodded.

Arantham turned to Shonvurru and nodded. The six-armed, serpentine-bodied demoness tossed a cloud of red dust into the portal and it roared with black-red fire, illuminating the chamber in strange light. A deep boom vibrated the chamber around them and the dark mist flowed down into the portal of deep red.

“Death’s Reach,” whispered Arantham. “Let us complete our quest.”



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