At the Mountains of Madness

High atop the northern mountains of Death’s Reach, the party encountered a terrible force. Ashencrown, a 500,000 year old dracolich had once been an agent of the primordials and was gifted with the necromatic power to twist himself into an immortal beast of true terror. In a great battle in which the very mountains came crashing down upon them, the Shieldbashers defeated the dracolich and sent him to the bottom of the gorge.

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Ahead in the mountains the party found an ancient tomb buried deep within the mountain as though the mountains themselves had grown around it. Within they found a band of Marut mercenaries, once agents of the gods in the war against primordials but now forgotten. Four hundred eighty thousand years under the mountains built within them a rage for the gods who left them behind, a rage they would unleash upon the Shieldbashers, who they consider creations of the gods themselves.

Upon their defeat, the leader of these Marut asked for his life in return for information. He told the tale of an ancient primordial beast, a being known as Timesus the Black Star, built by the primordials as their final weapon in the war of the gods. But they were never able to actually use it. Before it could be activated, a process that would take billions of souls of mortals to unleash, the gods captured it, defeated the primordials in Death’s Reach, and buried the beast within a tomb known as the Reliquary of Timesus.

The party deduced that the Ashen Covenant had used the twisted soulstream to awaken this terrible force in the Reliquary of Timesus. When the party had defeated Urishtar atop the Nightwyrm Fortress and destroyed the soulstream by sacrificing Nightbringer, the power of the souls being fed to the dormant Timesus had stopped. How close the being was to reanimation is not yet known.

As the party traveled out of the mountains they encountered a being revealed to e an angel of Vecna. Though skeptical of the party, they proved their strength to him in valorous discussion. He revealed to them a chamber of ancient magical artifacts that could be of use to the party in their war against Orcus. The Shieldbashers decided that whatever currently happened in the Reliquary could wait for a quick side-trip to this chamber of magical items. That is where our adventure continues.



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